Twyfelfontein World Heritage Rock Art Site, Erongo Region

Completed 2006

National Tourism Development Programme
National Heritage Council of Namibia

Inspired by San brush shelters, local landscape forms and the ‘Dancing Kudu’ rock engraving, the building references the three stages of trance which archaeologist link to the creation of the rock art in its organic layout and user sequence. Completely cement-free, the construction is of a minimalist palette of local red sandstone in gabions, untreated steel building frame, clay-brick on sand flooring, reed ceilings and used fuel-drums cut into giant metal roof tiles. Round drum-ends are combined into additional lightweight screens to delineate private areas and create shadow patterns to mimic the entoptic phosphenes experienced during the first stage of trance.

The information display was conceived as a totality with the building, making use of rusted steel fittings in a variety of semi-interactive devices to lure the visitor into the complex world of the prehistoric artist. This is work and the HRDC are the practice’s most well-known projects, and are frequently published in various media.

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