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d+a magazine, Issue 107, Dec 2018: “Treading Lightly in the Sand”

Earthworks magazine, Issue 44, Oct-Dec 2018: “Foundation for Change” by Silke Colquhoun


Allgemeine Zeitung: Es gibt noch keinen namibischen Architektur-Stil. Article and interview with Nina Martiz on the “Namibia. Archaelogy of the Future. Tomorrow’s Architectural Landscape” exhibition - published on 28 April 2017.

The Weekender supplement of The Namibian Newspaper: Namibian Architecture. Past, Present and Future - article on the ‘Namibia. Archaelogy of the Future. Tomorrow’s Architectural Landscape ‘ exhibition - published on 28 April 2017.


Digest of Namibian Architecture 2016 - Tuluo Article

2014 - 2015

Digest of Namibian Architecture 2014-2015 “A cool refuge” features the Regional Libraries

Earthworks magazine, Issue 23, Dec-Jan 2014 “Best Practices: Libraries” by Christy van der Merwe features interview excerpts with Nina Maritz

Flamingo, Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine, June 2014: “Green by nature architecture” by Anne Schauffer - interview with Nina Maritz


Digest of Namibian Architecture 2013 features “Rukonga Vision School


Digest of Namibian Architecture 2011 features “Uiba-Oas Cooperative Crystal Market, Erongo Region”, “Sorris-Sorris Visitors Information Centre, Kunene Region” and “Fish River Canyon Viewpoint, Southern Namibia”

Earthworks June-July 2011 “House van der Merwe, Springbok, South Africa”


Digest of Namibian Architecture 2010 ”Habitat Research and Development Centre”, “Nina Maritz Architects’ Office” and “Taleni Etosha Village”


Digest of Namibia Architecture 2009 features: “Teaching Laboratory prototypes for the Rossing Foundation” and Gochas Village Council Office”.


More house, less cash” by Frieda le Roux, featuring House van Zyl, 2008

Digest of Namibian Architecture 2008 features: “Keetmanshoop Receiver of Revenue Offices” and “Andersson’s Camp – Ongava Game Reserve, Etosha”


Digest of Namibia Architecture 2007 features “Visitors’Interpretative Rock Art Centre , Twyfelfontein”


L’Arca – Italian architecture magazine, featuring the HRDC, 2006

Die Burger weekly newspaper, South-Africa, Sat 25 June 2006: “Ëarth Construction” by Petria Jooste-Smit: front-page article in property section on HRDC


Digest of Namibian Architecture, 2005: features the Habitat Development & Research Centre and House van Zyl

The Namibian, Windhoek, 17 Nov 2005: “Twyfelfontein trail enchants visitors”, by Lindsay Dentlinger; features Twyfelfontein Visitors’ Centre

Environmental Management, South-Africa, Oct-Nov 2005, Vol 1 No. 1; Ïnterpretative Centre”, by Carol Knoll; features Twyfelfontein Visitors’ Centre

Flamingo, Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine, Nov. 2005: “A Visual Wonderland” by Ginger Mauney, features the HRDC

“Leading Architecture and Design”, South-Africa, Jan/Feb 2005, Primedia Publishing, HRDC featured as favourite building by Steve Kinsler, Eastcoast Architects, RSA.


Urban Green file, South-Africa, Nov-Dec 2004, Vol 9 No 5; “Sustainability in Housing – The HRDC, Windhoek” by Leigh Darrol.

Informante, Oct 2004, Windhoek: Digest showcases local architecture”” by Kirby Mackintosh: HRDC photograph featured.

Allgemeine Zeitung, Windhoek, 3 June 2004: “Habitat-Zentrum: Forschen fur die Zukunft des Wohnens“, by Daniela Schoneberg-Schultz.

The Big Issue, Namibia, April 2004 Vol 3 Issue 4; “Housing for the Future”, by Sarah Taylor, features the HRDC.

Digest of Namibian Architecture, 2004: features HRDC


Digest of Namibian Architecture, 2001: BDO Spencer office building, Windhoek

50 years of Namibian Architecture, 2002: features Namibia Craft Centre, Windhoek



Namibia. Archaelogy of the Future. Tomorrow’s Architectural Landscape” - exhibition catalogue - by Namibia Institute of Architects, published by AeR 2016

Architecture Activism” by Graft, Birkhäuser De Gruyter 2016


“Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation: An Architect’s Guide” by Ulrike Passe, Francine Battaglia, Routledge 2015


“Afritecture. Building Social Change”, Andries Lepik, Hatje Cantz 2013


“Vernacular Architecture and Regional Design: Cultural Process and Environmental Response”, Elsevier, 2009 by Kingston Heath

“The Green Studio Handbook” first edition, by Alison Kwok & Walter Grondzik, features the HRDC, 1st edition, Earthscan 2009.


Archi-technology, March 2005, Brooke Pattrick Publishers, “Buildings as life support systems” by Llewellyn van Wyk; features HRDC




Treading Lightly in the Sand
d+a magazine, Issue 107, Dec 2018: “Treading Lightly in the Sand” published online

Foundation for Change

Shipwreck Lodge; el más difícil todavía en glamping

Explora la hostil Costa de los Esqueletos de Namibia en estas cabañas de lujo

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SHIPSHAPE Shipwreck Lodge on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast lets guests spend the night marooned in the desert in ultimate luxury

A ‘Shipwreck’ Hotel Has Opened on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

Crash on Namibia’s Dramatic Skeleton Coast at the One-of-a-kind Shipwreck Lodge

Explore Namibia’s Haunting Coast With These Luxe Prefab Cabins

Sustainability one design at a time


Local architect becomes the fourth African to get global recognition for work in sustainable architecture


Tapping into Khaudum’s wild beauty, one new visitor at a time - Article published by the Namibian Economist.

The new Shizinze Station (park management facility) at the entrance to Nkasa Rupara National Park

Namibian Design that is static and active - interview on 99FM Radio


Identity in Architecture by Arthur Barker

Afritecture: Twyfelfontein Visitor’s Centre

Design Indaba Interview

Earthworks: Building libraries by the book

Earthworks: Desert Resource Centre

Earthworks: Embracing the elements

Namibian Economist

TUT news: student workshop in Namibia

Anna La Rue:

Travel News Namibia: Sustainability – the last frontier by Ginger Mauney

Christine Skowski Photography

Holcim Foundation Experts

Michael Cockram: The Sustainability of Nina Maritz

UIA Sustainable by Design