To place the project in a broader and deeper context, we interrogate the brief and any given information. Issues ostensibly too small to be relevant can later prove to be key factors in the successful resolution of the project and may also serve as fruitful design inspiration. Clients are free to provide us with images as well as written material, both of which we use as tools during discussions with them to delve deeply into the brief and allow the client to articulate unrecognised intentions. This, together with consideration given to the geophysical landscape, built and organic environment, cultural complexities and aspirations, economic interplay and statutory/functional requirements, provides a platform for the start of the creative process, that of developing a holistic design concept.

We like to involve clients in the conceptual stage by having discussions around sketched ideas and concepts, rather than present highly rendered images as a design fait accompli. Depending on the nature of the client body, this may include models and in some cases elemental 3-dimensional representations. Similarly, we include the professional team early on, to create a conversation around the structural and services demands as well as the cost planning of the building. This continues in a reiterative process throughout the project, with increasing detail merged into the initial concept as the design develops.


As architects, our first priority is to develop an understanding of our client’s needs. A successful project results from a well-developed brief. Based on that, our dedicated design team will provide an innovative contemporary solution for you, whether a small extension, a large building complex or an urban or landscape design.

Working collaboratively with our clients adds true value to the design outcome. It takes time to craft good architecture in a reiterative process that provides options which will inform the client’s decisions. An efficient and close working relationship is thus essential.

The most expensive solutions are not necessarily the best ones and we pride ourselves on a frugal approach that aims to provide true value for money. Time, cost and quality are compared in an ongoing process for a result that targets the client’s individual requirements. The balance of capital expenditure versus operational costs and long-term impacts is carefully evaluated for the most sustainable solutions.

We work with a range of consulting professionals such as engineers and quantity surveyors to provide the client with a comprehensive bespoke professional service. As principal agents, we can coordinate the entire project from feasibility study and brief establishment through concept and design development, to technical documentation, approvals and contract management. The result is the delivery of a good quality product that meets client aspirations, budget and deadlines.

Following occupancy, we remain in close touch with the users, to ensure full understanding of building systems and management, and resolve any unforeseen issues that might arise.


Our residential experience range from small house extensions to large luxury dwellings and multi-family homes at various income levels. We are also proficient in various types of hospitality establishment, from rural lodges to urban hotels.

Working with multiple stakeholders in consultative processes to achieve creative, exciting and unique outcomes, we have completed a large variety of institutional and public buildings. These include education, health, legal, cultural and entertainment facilities and a range of private and public offices.

Considerable experience with the evaluation, design and implementation of larger infrastructural projects, including National Park management infrastructure is complemented by our pioneering work in the sustainable tourism industry, where we have drafted environmental construction guidelines for tourism in use by the Namibian government.

Our community development projects are well-known and apart from the standard architectural services include materials audits, skills development and training, and to some extent enterprise development. We have specific knowledge of the crafts field as well as interpretation facilities.

Commercial work vary from small shop interiors to large wholesale and retail premises as well as small- to medium scale industrial facilities.

Our familiarity with regulations as well as a flexible and responsive approach to authorities expedite planning permission processes. Experience with the several types of contract prevalent in Namibia as well as detailed knowledge of contracts law enable the successful completion of construction, minimising disputes.

Our projects are mainly in Namibia, although we have done work in South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Zimbabwe and China. Our multi-lingual design team are able to work in almost any country worldwide, though we prefer to collaborate with local professionals when working in other cultural and climatic contexts.